Red Diesel & Kerosene in
200 Litre Barrels

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Red Diesel / Gas Oil

We offer a comprehensive year round red diesel collection or delivery service for commercial, domestic, horticultural, and agricultural use, whether it is pumped into storage or alternatively leaving the barrel onsite.

We guarantee a quality service from a skilled and experienced team who know how to deliver your fuel on time, every time. Whether you require red diesel fuel for heating or power in your home, or to power agricultural machinery or industrial plant equipment, we’ll ensure you get the fuel you need.


Our staff are highly experienced and can transfer fuel from barrel to storage in no time. When you order your kerosene 200 litre barrels from our team, we’ll ensure that the whole process is easy and hassle-free. From arranging a delivery time to transferring your fuel to your storage container or leaving the barrel onsite, we strive to create a smooth experience to ensure you always have the fuel you need.

We also offer an emergency home heating oil delivery service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency deliveries are in 200-litre barrels and we can deliver as many as you need, delivered by our company van or in extreme conditions, our 4 wheel drive off-road vehicle!!

We can go where tankers can’t, regardless of terrain or weather.

We do not offer a bulk delivery service, if you require a bulk delivery, please contact Boughton Fuel Oils on 01905 778971 or alternatively please visit their website.

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